Rolling around series

I hope you enjoy my paintings like I enjoy making them ^ ^.

In this Series I use round frames and create a new creature on it. I hope this help your brain be active as you try to figure out what it is. If you don't think the same way as me, it's fine. Because I am open minded. This is a Beelephant which is a Bee mixs with an elephant. In this painting I use acrylic paint and Uni Posca Pens on a circle canvas size 12" inches. Both types of paints give a vivid color. I think this frame size is not to big and not to small. It is a good fit with the bed room, or in some Conner of the living room. Most of the young kids, their Mom and also their aunt like my art.


About me

I’m See Foon – a little girl from Chian Mai Thailand – and I’ve been doing art for as long as I can remember. I’ve already completed more than a thousand sketches and over a hundred paintings. I’ve been painting every week since I was four years old. My art is abstract and people often struggle to think of a good name for each piece. Once I gave a painting a name, then my dad gave it another name, and then my mom called it another name! No matter who you ask to give my drawings a name, they’ll all come up with something different. I really like it when my art brings out people’s imaginations. 🙂



I was amazed at her talent, creativity, and joyful expression in her art. I was so impressed that I would go so far as to call See Foon a child prodigy. KENNY YAMADA, DISNEY ARTIST


I became a fan of See Foon from the first time I saw her brightly-colored artwork. This capable young artist boldly expresses her imaginative ideas on paper and canvas. SARAH DEES ADMIN OF ARTISTS TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING CREATING ART GROUP IN FACEBOOK

Watch me paint

If you like to know more about me you can search See Foon and you will find my website. Or if you like to watch my working process you type see foon on youtube and you will see my videos