My first watercolor class at 15.28studio, Baan Kang Wat, Chiang Mai : My diary 20191206









I think I’m getting better at watercolor. Well,  In my first watercolor class with my best friends Ploy and Yumi.  I couldn’t make little lines with the brush. I’m also getting better at keeping the water in the sketch.

It’s like when you color in a coloring book but you drew the pictures. But now I’m in my third class and I can do both the little lines and keeping water in the scetch.

You might be thinking “but See Foon that’s only two things.” Well, I say at least I improved two things instead of zero. Also watercolor is very fun.








I hope you have a great day bye.

See Foon

December 6, 2019

P.S. If you are around Chiang Mai and look to learn something new maybe you are interested in My teacher’s watercolor class check detail at 15.28studio or