“I like to create new things and make the world lively”

Hi, I’m See Foon – a little girl from Chian Mai Thailand – and I’ve been doing art for as long as I can remember. I’ve already completed more than a thousand sketches and over a hundred paintings. I’ve been painting every week since I was four years old.

Hippo painting
After work
at 3 years old











My art is abstract and people often struggle to think of a good name for each piece. Once I gave a painting a name, then my dad gave it another name, and then my mom called it another name! No matter who you ask to give my drawings a name, they’ll all come up with something different. I really like it when my art brings out people’s imaginations. 🙂

Mom and Dad decided to homeschool me so that they could help grow my imagination even further and nurture my creativity. Because I was home more, mom helped teach me my art skills.

Paint Garage Floor at 5 years old

When I’m not painting and drawing, I’m hanging out with my friends, watching YouTube (my favorite channels are ReactiCorns, Troom Troom, SaraBeautyCorner and TedED). I also listen to lots of music. My favorite artists are Queen and Keane. Me and my dad also like to listen to interesting audiobooks together. My favorite audiobook is Captivate, I like Vanessa voice so much.

Some people say I’m a naughty girl because of all the pranks I like to play on my friends. Really I just love to chat though – sometimes I keep chatting until my poor daddy begs me to stop!


If you want to find out more, I have a YouTube channel called “See Foon” with lots of vlogs and funny content, and you can even see me making my art. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf_lAF6zMOacidiiSYVHkSA

You can also see my latest work at my instagram id: seefoon09.